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Established in 2013, Duvonn Electronic Technology CO., LTD is the first national high-tech enterprise engaged in the research and development, manufacturing, marketing and related technical services of vehicle data protection storage products (crash protected event recorder memory module & vehicle black box). The disaster protection performance refers to the aircraft black box standard, which can survive even under extremely harsh conditions such as 1100℃ high temperature fire, severe car crash, deep water immersion, and etc. Reference standards are IEC 62625: 2013, IEEE 1482.1-2013, US DOT FRA 49 CFR Part 229 & EUROCAE ED-155: 2009. Invention patents have been granted internationally. 

Mastering the core technology of data physical protection, we own independent intellectual property rights, have participated in the compilation of national standard of GB/T 19056-2021 on protection memory unit, actively promote the industry application in China even in the world. 

Meanwhile Duvonn as a Tire 1 supplier is on the process of developing new projects with automakers for autonomous vehicles such as Tu Simple, SAIC Motor, GAC Motor, BYD, NIO, Yutong, Baidu, etc.