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Our DN-ADR (DSSAD) Won Another Award in the 2021 World Intelligent Connected Vehicle Conference

2021 WICV held in Beijing on Sep.26th, as a top Exhibition on new energy and intelligence, a quantity of latest technology and solutions will display here to promote the whole industry development. Our DN-ADR (DSSAD) won another award as an ADS solution.

For DSSAD, on the one hand, we actively participate in the discussion and drafting of the standard. On the other hand, early in year 2019, we have thought of such ideas as self-driving vehicles must have a complete record of the system to collect data and store the relevant data in the process of travelling, therefore already started research and development in this field to make the basic version into market for application. At the same time, we will keep updated, and spare no effort to complete its Iteration.