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A visit to China provincial capital city bus project (Taiyuan and Yinchuan) for customer feedback and product inspection

From December 17th to 19th, 2019, relevant colleagues from Marketing Department and R&D Department of our company went to visit Taiyuan and Yinchuan bus project for customer feedback and product inspection. Taiyuan Public Transport began to install our disaster recovery protection memory in BYD new models of buses in 2017. Yinchuan Public transport added our disaster recovery protection memory in 2015 when the on-board terminal equipment was upgraded. Through sampling and testing of the products running on each bus, as well as communication and feedback with maintenance personnel and project technical personnel, the products of our company have been installed and used for three or four years, while there has been no major problems, the overall operation of the products is stable, and the data reading and writing is normal. Relevant colleagues also had an in-depth communication and discussion with marketing and sales personnel on further cooperation, market development as well as policy and regulation trend, etc.